AST (JIBC Advanced Security Course)

AST Course General Information:

  • The advanced security training course (AST) is a 24 hour course that was developed by the Justice Institute of British Columbia and the Security Programs and Security Programs Division of the British Columbia Ministry of Justice.
  • The course is designed for security professionals who, in the course of their duties may need to employ force response options or use restraints when confronted by high-risk, resistant or violent individuals.
  • These security professionals include but are not limited to loss prevention personnel, hospitals, door persons at licensed liquor establishments, and security personnel at airports and school campuses.
  • The goal of this course is to enable participants to safely, effectively, and lawfully restrain and control resistant or assaultive individuals who may have contravened a law or policy and whose behaviour poses a risk to themselves and others.
  • The registrar will authorize only a licensee holding a security worker license to carry and use restraining devices. This authority will be indicated as a condition on the security worker’s license.


                     Ast 2s           


              Douglas College Campus,  located at 700 Royal Avenue (at 8th Street), New Westminster, BC

                                       ☑  Click on below link to get information about the New Westminster Campus:

                           ☑    AST COURSE FEE 

            $399.74 (Everything included)

The $399.74  fee includes the following:

☑  $295.00 AST course fee
☑   $60.71  JIBC  written exam fee
☑   $23.15   JIBC student manual
☑   5% GST tax
☑   There are NO OTHER FEES!


                                                     Day 1:  Saturday,  July 20, 2024  from 08:30 to 20:30 hrs.
                                                     Day 2:  Sunday,  July 21, 2024   from 08:30 to 20:30 hrs.

☑   If you wish to take the July 20th and 21st AST Course please Complete/Submit “STUDENT REGISTRATION FROM” ASAP


☑ Due to the high demand of the AST Course we anticipate that this course will also fill very quickly.

☑ We only accept maximum of 12 students.

☑    Please do not make a payment online for the AST course schedudeled on July 6 & 7, 2024 because there are no seats left (you would not get a refunded).

Here is the information how to complete the AST course registration form:

  1. On this page below click on “REGISTER” (It is a hyperlink)
  2. Another will open up and then click on  “AST or Recertification” (It is a hyperlink)
  3. Fill out the registration form .
  4. Make sure you fill out all the fields and make no mistake, please. If you don’t have the BST number then type in your security worker incidence in the box which askes for your BST number. Any incomplete registration we’ll return them to the sender!
  5. Complete on the bottom of the registration form “I AM NOT A ROBOT.”
  6. Click on “SEND”  (This will automatically forward the completed form to us via email)
  7. Lastly check out this AST home page and familiarize yourself with all the information (e.g. Date, time including all  important registration and payment information below.).
  8. As soon as we receive the completed registration form from you, we’ll get back to you how/when/where to pay the course fee.
  9. Please note, when we ask you in our reply email to pay the course fee, DO NOT WAIT, because we’ll give your seat to another student who has registered and is anxiously awaiting to make the payment!!)

☑   DO NOT make an online AST course payment (via  PayPal)  unless we email you first and ask you to do so! (Pleased note, we do not provide a refund)

☑   All May AST courses are now all filed up!! (Please do not email as the registration form for any of  the May course. They are all filled up. Thank you)

Please note:  Important registration and payment information:

  In the past we have emailed back a number of students who have registered for our scheduled courses AST courses.

   We then replied back to these students requesting them to make the payment.

  However, we did NOT receive replies nor did we receive an email indicating when they would pay the course fee.

  Due to the limited number of seats available for each course we cannot reserve seats nor can we wait too long for students to make the payment online.

  That said, all students who wish to resister for a course but do not pay the course fee within a reasonable period will not be able to take a course.

  Please note, for each course we will only accept a maximum of 12 or 16 students. 

  All written AST course and/or AST re-certification course information on our website is subject to change without prior notice.

  We do not provide a refund to students once students have registered/paid the course fee, unless it is a “MEDICAL EMERGENCY” (We require a doctors note for verification). 

  The JIBC will invoice DWK Consulting the AST exam fee if a student has registered but has to withdraw from a course  (Inferring, if a student should withdraw from a course after he/she has registered and has paid us the course fee of $399.74 we will not refund the JIBC exam fee).



Register  (Hyperlink)


   Complete/submit our ON LINE AST Course registration application form by clicking on the above “REGISTER” hyperlink.

   If you have problems completing the registration form, please send us an email with your contact information and we’ll get back to you ASAP!.



Submit Payment  (Hyperlink)


  OPTION # 1  =   Pay the fee ON LINE by CREDIT CARD via PayPal (e.g. Visa, MasterCard). 

  OPTION # 2 =   Pay the fee by  Certified Cheque or Bank Draft or Money Order payable to DWK Consulting.  


Although the requirements are to participate in eight (8) hours of instructions, we instruct the course over a period of 10 hours on a Sunday when we conduct the regular 24 hour AST course (Please refer to our AST course schedule above).

  1. The curriculum for the AST Re certification Course was developed by the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) and the Security Programs Division of the BC Ministry of Justice.
  2. This course is designed to have course participants review and be examined in all academic and physical skill training areas taught in the 24 hour AST course.
  3. Participants must attend all ten (10) hours of the AST Re certification course and successfully complete the course.
  4. The AST Re-certification course fee is “NON REFUNDABLE”!
  5. You will need to email us a copy of your JIBC AST certificate ( we need to see the expiration date)



   The $205.00 does not include the following fees:

 ☑ JIBC $65.00 exam fee,
☑ $30.00  student manual
5% GST 

   There is no fee for the JIBC student manual if you have your own copy.

   We’ll accept ONLY TWO (2) students for the AST Re certificate for this course

  We’ offer the AST Re certification course for a duration of 10 hours on the Sunday when we conduct a regular AST course (Please refer to our AST course schedule above).

  You must be in possession of the JIBC issued AST and BST Course Certificates (You need to email us a copy of your AST certificate so that we can determine the expiration date).

  You are required to produce two (2) valid picture ID.

  If you do not have the BST & AST Course Certificates you will need to contact the JIBC.

  All written AST Re certification information on this web site is subject to change without prior notice.

Register (AST Re-cert Course)
Submit Payment (AST Re-cert Course)