SHIELD PSAS Instructor Trainee Program

Program Information

The “SHIELD” program is a  16 hour Protective Safety & Security Instructor Trainee Program.

We offer this challenging program to COMMITTED students on an INVITATIONAL BASIS for students who are students of the the  “BLITZ” DT personal trainer program.

Classes are videotaped for “Critiquing Purposes”

It has the following “Mission”:

  1. Provide students with an opportunity to receive professional instructions from qualified instructors who are Peace Officers (includes Retired Peace Officers) and/or Security Professionals.
  2. Provide students with an opportunity to practice advanced personal protection skills using a “PERSONAL SAFETY & SECURITY MODEL” as well as an established “INCIDENTS ANALYSIS AND RESPONSE MODEL”.
  3. Allow students to acquire personal safety & security related educational knowledge covering a number of different academic areas.
  4. Become eligible to apply as a “Personal Protection and Security Instructor” with DWK Consulting.

For more information regarding the “SHIELD” program and training please contact us by email or phone.

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