Workplace Safety and Security Consulting/Training


We offer two Workplace Safety & Security Programs (PSAS) for Government Agencies, Corporation or Small Businesses to groups of 8-20 employees.  The two programs are instructed at the your agency/company or at our training facility in Burnaby.
Our first program is  a Workplace Situation Awareness Program” for Enforcement Agencies or Security Companies  (Bi-law Officer, Jail Guard Custodian and Security  Agencies):
☑   This unique program is designed to provide managers, supervisors and enforcement/security officers with information (consulting) to eliminate or  minimize the risk of violence in the workplace.
 ☑   The program has a “Three Pillar” hands on training approach and includes but is not limited to the following:
            1st Pillar …………… “Prevention Measures”
                                Officer deportment;
                               Officer duty equipment;
                                Work order field  assignment  documents;
                                Vehicle security –  equipment – accessories;
                                Officer’s knowledge of  enforcement/security duties;
                                Policies & procedures,
                                 Other Prevention Measures.
                        2nd Pillar …………… “Officer’s Degree of Awareness”
                                 Officer’s self awareness;
                                 Officer awareness of surrounding/environment;
                                 Officer awareness when carrying out enforcement/security assignments;
                                 Officer awareness of  vehicle  security & safety;
                                  Other:                       
                         3rd Pillar …………… “Officer’s Safety”
                                 Videotaped Dynamic Simulation Training (Workplace scenario based mini-simulations);
                                 Tactical Risk Assessment of “Environment & Subject(s)”;
                                 Tactical Approaching;
                                 Tactical Observation of “Environment & Subject(s)”;
                                 Tactical Positioning;
                                 Managing Aggressive Behaviour;
                                 Tactical Disengaging:
                                 Other.

Our second program is  a “Workplace Violence Prevention Program”  (Violence Prevention Training/Consulting)

☑   The program is designed to provide managers, supervisors and workers with information (consulting) to eliminate or minimize the risk of violence in the workplace.
☑  We offer a 2 -4  hour seminar or 8-12 hour program pending “Client Request”.
☑   The program includes but is not limited to the following areas:
                             WorkSafe BC Workplace Violence Prevention Regulations;
                             WorkSafe BC Workplace Bullying & Harassment Regulations;
                             WorkSafe BC Workplace Working Alone Regulations;
                              Risk Assessment;
                             Developing a Workplace Violence Prevention Program;
                             Workplace Violence Prevention Policies & Procedures;
                             NEW WorkSafe BC Regulations “Bullying & Harassment” Training/Consulting
                              Worker Personal Safety & Security;
                             Other.                      
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