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  DWK Consulting is owned and managed by Dieter W. Karpf and was established in July of 2009
☑  Assistance in developing programs/courses/seminars has been provided by Professionals employed in Criminal Justice, Medical, Fire Prevention and Private Security Industries.
☑  All three of the below training systems are copyrighted in Hull Quebec, Canada
☑  Dieter W. Karpf employs one or more of “Three Intertwined Training Systems” when instructing Occupational Safety Programs, Defensive Tactics Courses, Protective Safety & Security Courses or Personal Protection Programs.
They are:
 Peace Officer’s Combat Tactics Training Systems (P.O.C.T.S.) ©
 Specialized Security and Personal Protection Training Systems (S.S.P.P.T.S.) ©
 Protective Safety & Security Training Systems ©




Professional Background:
 ☑  Retired Deputy Sheriff, CEO of ProSec Services Inc (2000-2009) and CEO of DWK Consulting (2009-Present).
 ☑  Correctional Officer  Alberta and BC
☑  Deputy Sheriff Field Training Officer
☑  Lower Mainland  BC Sheriff Field Training Officer
☑   Certified Firearms, Chemical Agent, Baton, Handcuffing and Control Tactics Instructor by the Courts Academy, Justice Institute of BC
Defined Responsibilities as a Deputy Sheriff and Corrections Officer at a glance:
  Provided “High Profile” prisoner escort/protection assignments on land (driving) and in the air (flying), some of  the duties were arresting (Warrants) and transport prisoners from various Correctional Facilities/Police Lockups to Vancouver;
  Provided personal protection assignments for Chief Judge of the Province and Provincial Court Judges & Juries;
  Responsible for transported Court Exhibits to undisclosed destinations;
 Provided transporting high profile prisoners (Clifford Olson among others) by motorcade, on plains & on foot with R.C.M.P. and Vancouver
Emergency Response Team;
  Developed and instructed BC Sheriff’s Tactical Team Members (Emergency Response/Cell Extraction Team) at Vancouver Supreme Court.
  Selected as Training Officer by the Warden of the Burnaby Female Correctional Facility to train  Female Correctional Officer;
  Developed and conducted extensive Risk Assessment pertaining to Deputy Sheriff Duties, Ministry of the Attorney General (Central Escort Section);
Professional Qualifications: 
  Police Academy certified Firearms Instructor.
   Federal Government registered Firearms Verifier.
  Member of BC Sheriffs Shooting Association.
  Member of LEAPS & PPC Shooting Association.
  Competed in BC Law Enforcement Club Matches.
  Police Safety System Senior Defensive Tactics Instructor in the areas of:
 ☑   Self Defence and Control Tactics
 ☑  ASP Expandable Baton
 ☑  Handcuffing
 ☑  OC. (Pepper Spray
  JIBC – Police Academy certified BST & AST Instructor
  Valid BC Security Worker Licence (Consulting, PIU, Patrol, CCT & Electronic Locking Device Instlr).
  DWK Protective Safety & Security System Instructor;
  Past Member of BC Crime Prevention Association.
  Past member of ASIS
Martial Arts Training: 


  Karate Black Belt (Tsuruoka Karate and Shi-Sai-Kai);
  Member of BC Karate Black Belt Team in Canadian Black Belt National Championships;
  Competed in  BC and Western Canadian Karate Do Black Belt Championships;
  Team member of selected Karate group in competitions and training in Japan for two months
  Past NKA Karate Tournament Referee (Sports BC.
  Chief Karate Instructor for two (2) Clubs.
  Exchange training with Washington Aikijutsu Law Enforcement Officers;
  Participated in Judo, Wrestling  and Modern Arnis training