“BE ALERT” (Personal Safety and Security Program)

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Personal safety is of great importance in society today and while external factors cannot be controlled, people can prepare themselves to either prevent or respond effectively to unfavourable circumstances.

Our personal protection training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to identify crisis situations and deal with threats of violence, harassment and bullying. You will learn to exercise a higher degree of awareness about people and places, how to assess hostile environments and aggressive subjects, and how to avoid becoming a victim of crime by applying effectively personal protection skills. Our training includes both physical and academic components.

To provide a professional training environment we only accept a maximum of eight students.

Students will have the option to participate in “Phase 1” or “Phase 1 & 2”  as follows:

 ☑  “Phase 1” is a two hour seminar (Introduction to PSAS training) for adults 17 years of age or older.

 ☑  “Phase 2”  is the advanced version of the program.  It is offered on a “Tri-Semester” basis  (Spring, Fall & Winter) at  for a duration of 1.5 hours per class through our “BLITZ” DT program . Students are given the opportunity to participate in physical training (personal protection skills how to protect yourself). For more information about the the “Phase 2” Program please refer to the BLITZ DT Personal Trainer Program on our web page..



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